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TruCare Mobile Empowers Field-Based Care Teams


Mobile solutions enable care teams to work from anywhere to deliver the high quality, individualized care that is needed today. TruCare Mobile® is an iPad and Microsoft Windows 8.1 tablet application that enables care managers to efficiently assess their members when in the field and securely access clinical, care management and member information.


TruCare Mobile provides seamless, real-time integration and data exchange to the TruCare enterprise care management platform. TruCare Mobile provides high quality workflows, but also maintains the ease and efficiency expected in a mobile application. Care managers can readily view online assessments and assessment workflows. This enables care management activities to easily continue uninterrupted whether in the hospital or another facility, members’ homes or employer worksite clinics.




TruCare Mobile for iPad fact sheet

TruCare Mobile for Windows fact sheet

TruCare Mobile video



iPad vs. Windows 8

TruCare Mobile Features

TruCare Mobile Benefits

TruCare Mobile is available for either iOS or Window 8.1 tablets. The same rich feature set can be found in both mobile applications.

iPad’s touch technology combined with

TruCare Mobile provide high quality care

management workflows and maintain

the ease and efficiency expected in a

mobile application.

TruCare Mobile for Windows 8.1 can be

used to support the care management

needs of enterprise organizations that want

to deploy mobile devices and support

desktop applications on the same device.

TruCare Mobile offers:


  • Real-time information access – remotely access member assessments and member data, answer member questions in real time and update all TruCare users simultaneously.
  • Error-free data capture – reduce handwritten note and missing data errors and information access delays by entering information directly into the care management record.
  • Secure information exchange – minimize data breaches, HIPAA compliance risks or data loss from handwritten notes with password protected access.
  • Consistent workflows – view assessment information using the same TruCare workflow as on the desktop application.
  • Digital signatures – easily capture member signatures directly on a tablet



TruCare Mobile provides care managers and other caregivers the tools they need to collaborate and manage members and patients anywhere, anytime.

TruCare Mobile enables care managers to:


  • Efficiently assess members and intervene more quickly
  • Securely access clinical, care management and member information
  • Accurately update and access assessment information in TruCare in real time
  • Seamlessly capture member signatures directly on a tablet device using digital signatures
  • Effectively collaborate with other care managers or caregivers
  • Easily use one device for both care management needs and many desktop applications