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TruCare Connect Member and Provider Portals Encourage Collaboration


TruCare Connect® is Casenet’s provider and member portal solution. TruCare Connect offers transparent and coordinated care team, member and provider information and action sharing capabilities.


For those clients with a portal solution, Casenet clients, using standard TruCare web services, can integrate with the portal of their choice including their own internally developed portal.





Casenet Overview



TruCare Connect Capabilities

TruCare Connect for Providers

TruCare Connect for Members

Casenet's advanced technology portal solutions are flexible, client-configurable and designed to provide highly secure, real-time interaction between clients and their providers and members.


A comprehensive suite of administrative transactions includes features such as eligibility, benefits and claims status inquiries, claims submissions and secure messaging for HIPAA-compliant communications. Proactive health management and mobile solutions advance care management initiatives through features such as medication management, immunization profiles, medical histories, health trackers, HRAs, shared health records and CCR/CCDs.


The unique and robust combination of both administrative and health management capabilities empowers all stakeholders to proactively and efficiently better manage member care.

The TruCare Connect provider portal allows providers and other caregivers, with appropriate access rights, to access, add or edit information in the member care management record. TruCare Connect also supports authorizations and facilitates integrated care management across client programs, departments or agencies.


TruCare Connect enables providers to:


  • Access care plans and assessments
  • Access care team communications and events
  • Access member communications
  • Access specific plan policies and guidelines
  • Process authorizations
  • Respond to communications via secure messaging
  • Select and enroll members into programs
  • View referrals and scheduling
  • Utilize mobile devices for patient health management

TruCare Connect enables members and their authorized representatives to participate in multi-disciplinary care teams and to access and enter information as well as participate in secure communications.


TruCare Connect enables members/caregivers to:


  • Access care plans and assessments
  • Access care team communications/events
  • Take action on enrolled care programs
  • View and participate in wellness programs
  • Access provider communications
  • Access the provider directory
  • Request benefit cards, view benefits summaries
  • View billing summaries
  • Respond to communications via secure messaging
  • Utilize mobile devices to engage in health management