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Flexible and Cost Effective Interoperability with Internal and External Systems


Casenet has extensive experience helping organizations to bring multiple, disparate functional operations and data into a single care management platform.


TruCare features a series of standard interfaces that provide Casenet clients with flexible and cost effective integration capabilities for exchanging data and interoperating with internal and external systems including clinical, business and administrative.


Due to its interoperability capabilities, TruCare provides care teams access to the information which is essential in the identification and management of not only high risk populations but all members across the continuum of care.





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Partner Solutions

Integration Interfaces

Integration Engine

TruCare includes configuration options to enable integration with other websites and provides multiple integration points for exchanging data and interoperating with external systems, which include both synchronous as well as asynchronous interfaces. The TruCare integration interfaces include but are not limited to web services, data feeds and messaging, faxing, telephony, integration with clinical guideline tools such as McKesson InterQual® and MCG CareWebQI® and integration to Wolters Kluwer Medi-Span. As a result, all care team members will be able to share information which will improve the coordination of care delivery and the health outcomes for all participants.

Casenet offers a variety of integration options including a software integration engine that connects clinical, claims and administrative data and other systems that are required to support member health goals. The integration engine solution provides Casenet with access to a proven integration suite of pre-built components that can support integration to existing clinical systems including HIEs and EMRs as well as standard protocols such as HL7 ADT.  Leveraging this technology, Casenet is able to provide integration capabilities to internal legacy systems or external partner systems.