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More Effectively Manage Care for Better Outcomes With Integrated Care Management


At Casenet, we believe all individuals should be able to achieve maximum health with the right coordinated health management. Health management is the combination of a.) wellness management which helps members stay well and be healthy and b.) care management which includes activities intended to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by helping members and caregivers more effectively manage health conditions. Casenet believes that integrated care management which is the next level beyond care management will be what improves healthcare delivery and will truly enable the healthcare community to take the first step toward better individual health and total population health management.


Traditional integrated care management (ICM) solutions support both medical and behavioral health management needs and all services including medical and institutional care. Casenet solutions go beyond traditional ICM capabilities and also include ancillary (nonmedical) services support. The seamless integration of nonmedical services with medical services enables care teams to create a comprehensive plan of care based on all of a member’s needs including attainable goals for that member. ICM offers care teams and members information transparency, coordinated actions and better engagement which enables improved care coordination across the continuum.


Casenet’s integrated care management solution, TruCare  6.0, delivers advanced integrated care management capabilities for the holistic management of members’ medical, behavioral health and ancillary services.


In addition, TruCare offers transparent and coordinated care team, member and provider information and action sharing by:


  • Integrating clinical, financial and administrative systems with TruCare
  • Offering both member and provider portals
  • Enabling mobile capabilities
  • Delivering care management campaign and outreach targeting


TruCare integrated care management enables dynamic, multi-disciplinary care teams to:


  • Seamlessly support medical, behavioral health and ancillary services
  • Better coordinate, collaborate and communicate
  • Decrease time to intervention and increase care quality
  • Increase efficiency
  • Engage regardless of location


This results in improved member engagement and outcomes, reduced care costs and better provider interaction and experience.







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