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Differential Care Management


Differential Care Management (DCM) is a core functional capability of the TruCare infrastructure. Differential Care Management provides organizations with the ability to segment populations to align with desired care management operations. This segmentation can include many different factors such as line of business, state, region, population or program. Each segmented population can have totally different utilization management rules, workflows, queues, assessments, care plans, structured notes, security and correspondence. The combination of member segmentation, automated workflows and synchronized clinical programs enables all teams to manage member programs efficiently and uniquely, while all are supported on an integrated platform.


The TruCare Differential Care Management framework and client-defined membership populations provide the ability to synchronize application workflow and content with rules that are specific to members and their unique programs. The TruCare DCM capabilities eliminate the time loss and frustration experienced by care managers when having to search for the appropriate assessment, care plans or correspondence for each member. The correct information will be served up to the care manager each time based on the member record which increases targeted interventions and efficiency while reducing mistakes.





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